Ladies And Gentlemen, Some… Ahem… Booty Feasting Tips And Tricks For You! (16 PICS + 1 GIF)

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Clean, clean, clean.

First and foremost, and most obviously, if you’re going to be doing some licky-licky down south, you gotta be sure that things are squeeky clean down there. Nobody is trying to take a trip to the Hershey factory, Nawmsayin’?


Use cleaning as a form of foreplay


You don’t have to be like: “Get your ass in the shower and wash that shit.” You know? Incorporate the cleaning process into your foreplay! Make it fun, because that’s what it’s all about.

“My trick is to wash my honey’s backdoor myself. Do it in a way that’s sensual. He gets why, and I get peace of mind, so that I can feel free to go to town. Both of us end up very happy!” Said one user.


If it’s your first time, be careful with your tongue.


The best way to approach eating booty is to start off with a flat tongue that moves up and down. If and when you and your partner gets more comfortable, you can start getting creative. You know, Gene Simmons creative.


Spit is your friend


Not to sound disgusting, but, keeping things liberal with your spit (or lube) is going to increase the pleasure tenfold- for both of you.


Pay attention to the other parts


Eating the booty is an great pleasure in itself, but this whole thing is about making it as pleasurable as possible for your partner, so, be sure to engage in their other parts too. They’ll thank you.


Use the tongue muscle


Once you and your partner are comfortable, start going to town, my man (or lady). Your tongue is strong, let it do its thing. FLEX!


Stimulate the gooch


That’s the term, right? Gooch? The space between your hole and your nuts/vagina. That spot is incredibly sensitive, so don’t leave it out.


Avoid teeth


You wouldn’t (hopefully) use teeth when giving oral, so why would you use them when you’re eating booty? The area is very sensitive and prone to irritation, so, keep it classy. Playful cheek bites are cool, though.


Experiment with positions


Different positions provide both easier access and different pleasures. Comfort is key, so, experiment. Pillows help.


Use the entirety of the tongue


I could’ve mentioned this in the other tongue section, but this way you get another picture of a booty. Use the entirety of your tongue every now and again to change up the sensation for your partner!




Literally. You need to breathe or you will die. But also, blow some hot breathe lightly to the booty, and hear your partner go WWeeEOOoOOo!!!




It’s always a good idea to keep some mouthwash nearby. For two reasons:

1. You could randomly be like “Fuck man what the hell is this i’m tasting!”

2. After you do your deeds, you’re gonna want to clean up a bit before making out, right?


Finger lickin’ good?


Haha okay, that title was a little bit greasy, even for me. But anyway, if you and your partner are comfortable with it, slip in a finger, why not?


Remember that it’s your partner that needs to be relaxed


Do the math, you’re eating booty, the last thing you want is to surprise your partner, you know?

Start slow, be gentle, remind them that you will stop if they say so. Also, listen to their cues, see what they like best.


Enjoy it!


Look, if you’re eating your partner’s booty or they’re eating yours, you’re probably at a really good and intimate place with them. Like all things with sex, it’s about enjoyment. If you’re going to do it, give it some effort, it’ll make a huge difference.


Dinner is served.


Samyra 2 year s ago
"It’s always a good idea to keep some mouthwash nearby. For two reasons:

1. You could randomly be like “Fuck man what the hell is this i’m tasting!”

2. After you do your deeds, you’re gonna want to clean up a bit before making out, right?"

As fucking if you need to ever read another thing about why NOT to ever put your mouth and tongue where someone SHITS, this would be the poster for that. Nothing like getting E Coli and other possible gastro illness from licking someones fucking shit hole...WTF is wrong with people
Chesley 2 year s ago
Stop with this nerdy comment

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