People Reveal Their NSFW Dream Jobs (4 PICS + 16 GIFS)

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"NSFW Dream Job: I encourage women to go braless."

"Are concubines still a thing? I think I’d be into that."

"I thought it would be male adult film actor, but no. I’ll settle for major domo and sex slave to the Swedish Bikini Team."

"You know when the female Olympic swimmers step up to the blocks and pull their swimsuit out of their cracks? I’ll do that job."

"Intimacy coordinator. Basically, you consult on movie and TV show sets whenever there’s a sex scene to ensure as much comfort and accuracy as possible. I read an interview about this position on the Euphoria set and now I know what I want to be when I grow up!"

"Bondage toy/appliance tester and product analyst…

Tie me up, strap me down.
Bind me, restrain me. Sensory deprivation, sensory overload. Spank me, prod me. Test the limits of the product while you’re testing mine."

"Currently, I write smut, and it’s been my dream job for a while! I would like to work my way up to writing steamy romance, but right now this job gives me a lot of freedom."

"Sex toy Designer/Tester."

"Strip club reviewer."

"If my OF would blow up enough that I could make it my full time job. Also there would be very regular appearances from my future wife, who also has a successful OF. Basically I want to get rich by railing my wife daily."

"Running an on-call sex show “delivery” service with a partner. Customers would scroll through an app and select items off a menu of sorts; which girl I bring, what outfits we wear, what toys we pack, what acts / kinks they’d like to see indulged, etc. We show up at their home at a certain time and put on a live show for individuals/couples to get off too. For an extra price, they could join in."

"Sex educator/therapist and it’s a direction I regularly toy with actually going for. I want people to have the knowledge and tools to have the best sex life possible."

"The only reason I am not a full time whore is the legality of it."

"Professional boy toy to rich older women."

"Happy ending massage therapist. If that were such a thing men could do."

"I’m willing to jerk it once a day for you if you pay me 55k a year. Just DM me and we can get this started today."

"Cunnilingus Provider with a legitimate on-site storefront in the city. Open from 5 a.m. to 8:30 p.m.

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday = walk-ins accepted. Thursday through Sunday = By appointment only.

Private Booths available upon request. Sign up for our Birthday Club card for a 10% discount on each visit & with 10× stamped/documented visits get a FREE session on the customer’s actual birthday. Complimentary showers on premises (ENCOURAGED use!) & bathing attendants available for an extra, modest fee."

"Celebrity Ass-Assistant/Butt-Buttler: Basically serving & trending to any & all the needs of a Female Celebrity’s Ass, at ALL times.

(Already have a list of favorite potential employers…)"

"It is not a real job but more of a fantasy: I am naked, blindfolded, and tied up in a room in a sex shop. The room is also filled with one of every dildo, whip, flogger, lube, and fake cum the store sells. My job is to let customers test them out on me before they buy."

"Pro domme. I also think managing a high end brothel would be cool."


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Alicia 1 month ago
I could do as a merkin applicator for female actors.



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