People Share Their Hilarious Sex Interruption Stories (24 GIFS)

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"Was mid having sex and my Dad (who is blind) walks in, not realizing what we were doing and immediately starts complaining about Boris Johnson."


"Cold nose of a golden retriever in my ass …"


"While being intimate I asked her, “Do you know how cute you are?” She said, “No.”

Without thinking, I blurted out, “Well, make a rough estimate.”

It launched her into a 10-minute laugh flash."


"His roommate was gone for the weekend, and the roommate had a cat and dog.

We closed the door but kitty had learned how to open doors, so while we were in the middle of it he barged in and started smacking my partner. I think the noises were scaring him. Or he thought we were playing.

We had a brief intermission to remove the cat, and we gave him lots of cuddles afterwards"


"She was on top humping me while I’m sucking her breasts. She then hugged me tightly. I could not breathe because her breast was blocking my nose and my mouth. I tapped out like an MMA fighter. I could have died."


"Having sex in my college dorm room. Had come back late and roommate was in his bed on the other side of the room but thought we could be quiet. Didn’t work out. Girl was loud. Get so far and she yells “I’m coming, I’m coming, I’m coming” and my roommate hops out of bed and says “I’m going, I’m going, I’m going,” and walks out. He saw the funny side as well happily so no bad feelings."


"Going at it in the dark in the kitchen at 2 a.m., confident that the kids are sleeping tight upstairs. Blinding light all of a sudden … we see our 10-year-old by the door, hand still on the light switch, frozen. Luckily we were sitting, the kitchen table between us, and so the “bits” were pretty much concealed … After two seconds of awkward silence he just said, candidly and joyously, “ARE YOU TRYING TO MAKE ANOTHER LITTLE BROTHER???”"


"With my ex, first time having sex, we were alone at her house, decided to slap her ass with her on top, put all of my full force into it.

Missed her ass cheek, slapped myself in the balls so hard I couldn’t see for 45 seconds.

I still laugh about it to this day."


"My then-GF and I were going at it on her couch, her on top, riding me super casual style. The TV was on and whatever we were originally watching ended and some kind of cooking show had come on instead.

Apparently, a host named George was whipping up something good, because his excitable blond co-host kept shouting “George, ohh, George! You’re so good at this, George!”

As if on cue, we both picked up the pace, both of us excitedly yelling “George, oooh, George!!” and laughing until the end. Good times.

Pretty sure we used “George” until the end of that relationship."


"We were making out in his car and I started stroking his bulge. It felt like he was really turned on.

This went on for a bit, and he finally pulled back and said, “I don’t think you’re touching me where you think you are.”

I looked down and had been rubbing his wallet for several minutes. We both laughed and joked that I was after his money before we got back to it."


"The lady and I are going at it real deal romantic style, talking big time sexy love stuff, that real juicy bedtime business. About 15 mins in, my very drunk, very tripping roommate knocks loudly and immediately enters into the middle of the room with a sh*t eating grin and very proudly says, “My guy, I have full-on pooped my pants,” and offers me an enthusiastic high-five (which I obviously reciprocated regardless of being actually inside my then-gf, now fiancé), walks out, and closes the door. We tried to continue but just had to laugh it out for like a half-hour before we could finish."


"One of my first sexual partners was an older girl who was already in a relationship, I was a horny teenager and didn’t really care. But this meant that we couldn’t meet up too often. One day, her family wasn’t going to be home for the whole day, so she invited me over. I couldn’t drive at this point, so I cycled over an hour trip to get there and get some. I get there and we start going at it, I am loving it. As I am just managing to nut, the door opens and her brother walks in, too late for me to stop, I pull out in panic and nut over the side of her bed and on the floor. The guy looks me up and down, then looks at her and asks, “Do you know what Mom is planning for dinner …?”"


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